Syukuri dan Hargai setiap Cell yg ada di tubuh kita

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SEMBUH DIABETES, dan cara mengatasinya

ANDA,KELUARGA,SAUDARA atau TEMAN Anda Ada yang sedang Menderita Penyakit DIABETES dan tidak pernah SEMBUH, segera Pakai ALAT TERAPI ENERGY BLACKTIP AMEGA, Tidak ada perubahan/tidak sembuh dalam waktu 1-3 bulan, Uang kembali 100%. InsyaAllah sudah BANYAK yang MEMBUKTIKAN.

Sangat Aman mudah dan praktis, tidak ada efek samping.

Jika Anda tertarik dan ingin mengetahui atau mencoba alatnya silahkan hubungi saya.

Berikut adalah menceritakan teknologi yang menyebabkan alat ini bisa bekerja pada tingkat energy cell di tubuh kita :

Amega Global and its Unique Zero Point Field Energy Technology!

Once every 20 years or so a new revolutionary product or concept emerges and literally changes the direction of an industry forever.

For example, look at how radio, television and the Internet have completely changed the world. The health & wellness industry is no exception.

Amized Fusion Technology is the next world-changing discovery.

Great health doesn’t come from supplements. It is the overall result of your body’s innate intelligence and natural ability to maintain harmony, health and well-being.

Your health only suffers when your birthright of natural balance and wellness is disrupted, disturbed, or destroyed.

Unfortunately, modern living has made these problems commonplace. Most people today are not enjoying optimal health and well-being.

Fortunately, modern science has uncovered secrets that can assist the body in maintaining natural wellness, and Amega Global is pioneering many of these amazing discoveries.

A Global Self-Care Revolution Has Begun.

Here at ToBeFree you are going to be shown, taught, guided how to discover zero point energy, how you can selfcare, and how you can create your dream lifestyle by helping others to create theirs.

I believe we are truly at the beginning of a revolution – the selfcare evolution – where we are transitioning from chemical medicine to energy medicine… I can hear you asking “what does that mean?”

Well, in a nutshell…

Energy is information!

Every cell in our body has DNA, which to my mind is stored information.
Sometimes the cell holds distorted information (dis-ease).
When the cell is exposed to Zero Point Field Energy (Source, energy from Source, perfect information), the cell ‘remembers’ it came from source and That it is perfect.
The cell now lets go of the ‘distorted information’ to become, once again, perfect information. Why can it do this? Because the genes in the cell respond to the environment they are in. When exposed to the zero point energy field homeostasis is created, again… perfect balance, perfect health. Simple!

This is energy medicine… This is informational medicine!

This is the way health is going. It’s quantum science integrating with our everyday life.

This is for me!

Is it for YOU?

If it is, then you ARE in the right place :-)

Setetes Cream muka, sebelum dan sesudah di Energize

Sel darah merah manusia sebelum dan sesudah di Energize...

Bio Energy tubuh sebelum dan sesudah di Energize.....

Sel Manusia sebelum dan sesudah di Energize.....

Air sebelum dan sesudah di Energize..menjadi air molekular dan cyrstal structure

Amega Global AmwandA lot of the recent explosion of people searching for Amega Global Products is theAmega AMwand. The wand itself as you can see in the picture above, looks very much like a pen. But it is made up of a mixture of granulated minerals and created by technology called AMized® Fusion. This proprietary technology resonates at what is called zero point energy. Zero point energy reminds the cells within the body of where the cells originated from and promotes the self healing that so many are experiencing.

It works on the immunity and nervous system as also. When the wand is used on the body or any living organism, the AMized resonance will activate the life force energy inside the cells and tissues, unblocks the energy channels, which initiates your body to begin to promote self healing and well being.

You can imagine all the different uses that the AMwand can have, but below are just a few:

1.Discharges blockages in your body allowing universal life force energy to have a clear path to flow.

2. Removes the distortions in your Bio energetic Field.

3. Reminds the cells where they originated and promotes the body’s own self healing.

4. Energizes your food and drink which will in turn increase the potency of the minerals and vitamins within them.

5. Use it on your pets and foliage to supplement any energy deficiencies that they may have.

6. Balances and energizes any imbalances that your body may be experiencing

7. Helps to remove aches, pains and discomforts from accidents, arthritus, bruises, nasal passage blockage, tinnitus, tendinitis and virtually any other pain you may be experiencing.

8. Energizes your surroundings within your own dwelling as well as those around you.

Those are some pretty heavy ways you can use it! Here is how you would go about using it:

Point the wand towards the area you are experiencing pain and rotate it in a clockwise motion from 3 to 18 times.

For the AMwand to have the greatest effect, point it as close as possible to the area you are using it on.

You can also use it to stir your drinks with the wand and it will energize the liquids. This is a really neat thing to experience first hand as far as the difference in taste! What happens is when the wand is used to stir a liquid, the AMized resonance charges it, changes the structure of the molecules by bringing them back to their original state. It basically neutralizes any foreign substances that are not needed by the body to give hydration and assimilates into trasports nutrients and hormones, and flushes out the toxins.

Press the wand on your finger tips and the tips of your toes, and rotate it at least 3 times to unblock energy field blockages.

Now you may be saying to yourself “yea right, I’ve heard this stuff before”, and that’s fine, I respect that thought. I had the same thoughts myself. But I’m telling you, go look at the testimonial page, listen to a live call and hear live testimonials from people who have had their pain taken away with the use of this wand. It will blow your mind! This is something that has never been seen before as far as how much of an effect this thing is having on people and their discomfort.

Amega Global ProductsThe Amega AMpendant is based around the same zero point energy concept as the AMwand. The pendant is designed and created using certain advanced minerals that is held in a titanium case, fusion and processed by Amegas own AMized Fusion Technology.

The pendant itself is designed to resonate at zero point energy and help the human bodies bio energy field restore itself to its natural homeostasis condition. Wearing the pendant will help to increase the bodies ability to fight stress that may come from everyday life and also help to combat the effects that can come from living in a e-smog environment.

Besides the obvious benefits of less stress, below are a few other benefits that the pendant can have:

1. Will help to restore the common breakdowns in your Bio energetic field.

2. Will help to energize your body’s fluids and cells

3. Will help to energize liquids that you drink, the air you breathe and the
food you eat.

4. Neutralize the harmful effects (energetically) from the liquid, air and food
you come in contact with on a daily basis.

5. Strenthens and restores natural balance to the body’s Bio-energy.

6. Will help to increase energy and strengthen the flow of energy in your

7. Stimulates bodily functions and immunity by facilitating the delivery of
oxygen to cells.

While the AMwand is something that you can use when needed, the pendant will allow the cells within your body to resonate at zero point energy. So they are constantly being reminded of their original state and in turn will be working to create a balance of energy within you while you are wearing it.

Some of the stories and testimonials that people are telling about their results as far as blood pressure, diabetes and lupus, while wearing this pendant for a few weeks are amazing. Take 30 minutes and listen to a live call and hear it for yourself! Once you’ve listened to the sincerity in their voice as they tell their stories, you WILL be amazed at the results they have had.

Nutritional Energy Drink

Drink It In Seconds

Feel It In Minutes

Energy All Day......

Finally an energy drink that’s good for your Family

  • No Artificial Stimulant

  • No Caffeine

  • No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

  • No Negative Side Effects

Who says you can’t have a nutritional energy drink ???

SwitchOn l A Super Food Powerhouse Nutritional Energy Drink

What causes illness and disease? Why do we age? Why do some people get sick and others don’t? How can I overcome my hereditary genes?

Thousands of scientists research these very questions every day. Fortunately over the past few years we are beginning to develop a more comprehensive understanding of how our environment affects our health. The hottest thing in nutrition and health research is Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics. Epigenetics describes situations in which genes express themselves differently although the underlying DNA is the same. For example, if you have two identical twins that lead very different lives, over time they will no longer look physically identical despite the fact that the genetic code is the same. Nutrigenomics is “food talking to your genes” or put another way, healthy food choices send “healthy” messages to your genes and like wise poor choices cause damage to your genes which over time will inevitably lead to disease. This is why it is imperative that we arm our body with the strongest weapons to help fight disease and increase optimal health!

The Dynamic Nutrition Advantage-DNA is a definitive breakthrough in Cellular Nutrition, packed with many of the powerful food sources creating a new category in preventive medicine.

First lets review some facts:
Glutathione is the bodies master antioxidant. It cannot be consumed, it can only be produced from within the body. Gultathione is Required to help build our immune system which fights ‘free radicals’ that cause disease. Sulforphane is naturally found in broccoli sprouts, and is one of the most beneficial plant foods known today for cellular defense.

Amega’s proprietary CellActive Process produces Sulforaphane. Working at the gene level AMgeneX triggers over 200 genes to switch on its antioxidant & detoxification enzyme production thereby increasing the presence of Glutathione.
This is 1 MILLION times more powerful and potent than Vitamin C.


fruit two images A Super Food Powerhouse Nutritional Energy DrinkAmGeneX nutritional energy drink is a unique formula of some of the most nutritious super foods in the world. AmGeneX consist of Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Amalaki, (Indian Gooseberr), Noni,Luo Han Guo, Camu and Pomegranate. This concentration is infused with Amega’s proprietary Amized Fusion Technology ™. AmGeneX includes CellActiv which is a new approach to cellular health enhancing the cell’s own internal defense system by directly interacting with the expression of the cell’s DNA, or the Master Code of the body. This nutritional energy drink also boost the body’s ability to switch on the cell’s own antioxidant manufacturing machinery by switching on or off certain genes (Nutrigenomics) . What this means is that although our inherit DNA blueprint does not change we can influence how the information stored in our genes is used.


  • 100% Pure natural ingredients-NO GMO
  • Contains a combination of premium exotic Superfruits as a rich source of phytochemicals
  • Supports increased energy
  • Supports mental alertness and focus
  • Protection against oxidative stress
  • Protection against chemical toxins
  • Helps promote the production of Glutathione and other antioxidants
  • Yields Sulforphane a powerful compound that can help promote optimal cell function
  • Switches on over 200 different genes
  • Detoxification enzymes
  • Heart and Central Nervous System protection
  • Helps fight free radical
  • Increase balance, strength and flexibility
  • Improve stamina in workouts
  • Improve sports performance
  • Helps reduce cholesterol buildup
  • Helps regulate bowel function
  • Prebiotic promote improved gastrointestinal function and associated gut immune function
  • Reduce the symptoms of “hangovers”
  • Helps reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies
  • Relieves the body from pain and discomfort
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Each serving yields the Sulforphane equivalent of 200 grams of steamed broccoli


Free radicals and cellular toxicity contribute to disease and premature aging. Our cells are protected from the damaging effects of free radicals by antioxidants and detoxifying enzymes but not all antioxidants are created equal. The antioxidants produced by our body are more powerful than any antioxidant found in our diet. These antioxidants are called Glutathione (the master anti-oxidant). Glutathione is one of four mitochondrial antioxidants; it is the most intense intracellular antioxidant. Not only does glutathione help neutralize the 100 quintillion free radicals that are generated in the human body each day, it also helps detoxify the over 100 pollutants and toxins that exist in the body. Depletion in glutathione can be linked to stress, infectious disease, AIDS, cancer, muscle wasting, chemical and infectious hepatitis, radiation poisoning, malnutrition states, strong physical stress, acetaminophen toxicity, cardiovascular, lung, digestive, kidney disorders, etc. Replenishing Glutathione is also important to avoid injury, improve recovery time and keep your immune system strong. Because Glutathione is produced in the cells of the body it can not be taken in pill form; to increase your Glutathione levels you must provide the body with the necessary nutrients-such as Sulforaphane- to enhance its production. Sulforaphane has been proven to be an exceptional compound that helps promote optimal cell function. Sulforphane activates the cellular switch to regulate protective genes. It switches on over 200 different genes that the cell uses to protect itself. With the protective genes switched on, cells function more efficiently, energy is produced more readily and our cell’s detox enzymes assist in removal of waste before damage to our DNA occurs. Sulforaphane has already attracted the attention of the medical world because it has known anti-cancer, antimicrobial and anti-diabetic qualities.

AmGenex Nutritional Energy Drink helps promote Glutathione and other antioxidants!


Comes in a box of 30 sachets. Add to Water, Juice, Milk or Smoothie.Once opened you must drink within 25 minutes.

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10 Pose Yoga untuk Mengecilkan Peru

10 Pose Yoga untuk Mengecilkan Perut

Yoga sebagai olahraga sudah terkenal berguna dalam menenangkan jiwa dan mengurangi stress, tapi kali ini saya akan membuat artikel mengenai manfaat yoga sebagai salah satu alternatif olah raga alami untuk mengecilkan perut. Dari hasil riset, saya bisa mengumpulkan 10 pose atau yoga asana yang sangat bermanfaat sebagai cara mengecilkan perut buncit dan membuang lemak berlebih di perut dan tubuh anda.

Praktekkan secara rutin dalam sekitaran 3 minggu dan anda bisa lihat manfaat yoga sebagai pelangsing perut. Artikel ini saya kumpulkan dari beberapa situs yoga di internet dan juga buku-buku yoga yang saya miliki/baca.

Sebagai olah raga yang murah meriah, alat yang anda butuhkan hanya matras untuk yoga, tapi alas lainya pun ‘no problem’, yang penting bersih, nyaman dan tentu saja tidak licin.

1. Pose Marjarasana (Pose Kucing Sapi – Cat Cow Pose, atau ada juga yang sebut Cat Pose doank…)
Manfaat: Gerakan ini sangat cocok bagi siapa saja, bahkan bagi pemula, juga aman bagi wanita hamil. Asana ini adalah pose yoga yang sesuai dalam membentuk otot perut dan meningkatkan kelenturan tulang belakang. Menurut pakar, postur ini bisa membantu melegakan atau meminimalkan emosi anda.

a. Mulai dengan posisi awal, yaitu meletakkan lutut tegak lurus dengan pinggul dan pergelangan tangan tegak lurus dengan bahu. Posisikan tulang belakang anda lurus dan leher di posisi yang benar searah dengan tulang belakang.
b. Tarik napas, lengkungkan ibu jari kea rah lantai, turunkan perut dan angkat leher anda dan memandang ke atas. Gerakan harus dimulai dari ujung tulang ekor, jadi leher adalah bagian terakhir yang bergerak.
c. Hembuskan napas, istirahatkan bagian atas kaki anda di atas matras, lengkungkan tulang belakang dan turunkan kepala anda sehingga pandangan anda mengarah ke pusar anda.
d. Ulangi pose/asana bersamaan dengan tarikan dan hembusan nafas anda. Lakukan sampai 5 kali tarik-hembus nafas. Setelah itu kembali ke posisi awal (point a di atas).

2. Pose Bhujangasana (alias Cobra Pose)
Manfaat: Pose Yoga ini bermanfaat dalam melenturkan dan juga menguatkan tulang belakang. Juga bisa menyembuhkan sakit punggung dan bisa mengurangi lemak di perut buncit anda.

a. Letakkan perut dan dahi di matras, lengan rapat di samping bahu. Rapatkan kaki. Angkat bagian atas tubuh anda dengan memanfaatkan kekuatan otot punggung sehingga kepala anda terangkat ke atas.
b. Jangan sekali-kali memakai kekuatan tangan anda. Biarkan tangan ini hanya sebagai penyangga tubuh bagian atas anda. Tingkatkan kesulitas gerakan ini dengan meletakkan tangan di atas paha anda, jika anda sudah sanggup melakukannya.

3. Pose Navasana (Boat Pose)
Manfaat: Menguatkan otot perut dan punggung.

a. Dalam posisi duduk, angkat kaki dan bagian atas tubuh sehingga membentuk huruf V. Tahan posisi ini selama 30 detik dan lakukan 2 kali.
b. Jika masih kesulitan dalam melakukan asana ini sebagai pemula, bisa mulai dengan cara melipat lutut. Dan bila punggung terasa tegang dan tidak nyaman, anda bisa pakai bangku atau kursi untuk menopang kaki dan bagian atas tubuh.

4. Pose Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
Manfaat: Mengurangi lemak perut. Dalam melakukan pose, sirkulasi darah ke akan berkurang, dan setelah pose dalam masa istirahat sirkulasi darah akan akan mengalir dalam jumlah yang lebih besar, dan hal ini bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan kelenturan tulang belakang dan juga meningkatkan vitalitas.

Langkah-langkah: Telungkup, bengkokkan lutut dan pegang pergelangan kaki. Tarik tangan dan tekan dengan kaki anda, posisikan lutut menempel, sampai posisi anda mirip seperti perahu dan hanya perut yang menumpu tubuh anda di lantai. Pandangan ke arah atas.

5. Pose Uddyiana Bandha
Manfaat :
a. Asana ini akan membentuk dan mengurut isi bagian dalam perut anda.
b. Juga bermanfaat mengurut jantung sehingga jantung menjadi kuat dan sanggup memompa darah lebih efektif. Sirkulasi darah juga menjadi lebih baik dan resiko serangan jantung akan jauh berkurang.
c. Mengobati masalah hati, sembelit (konstipasi) serta gangguan pencernaan.
d. Mengurangi lemak di perut dan memperkuat otot-otot perut.
e. Memperbaiki fungsi-fungsi kelenjar adrenal dan kelamin.

Langkah-langkah : Ada 2 gerakan pada asana ini.
Gerakan 1 :
Berdiri dan posisikan kaki anda berjarak 30 cm satu sama lain dan lutut sedikit menekuk, sedikit bungkukkan dan letakkan tangan di atas lutut. Tarik napas dalam-dalam sambil menekan perut ke arah luar dan kemudian hembuskan napas sambil menekan perut ke dalam. Tahan napas sejenak, sambil menekan perut anda ke dalam lebih jauh, sehingga perut anda tampak kosong dan tahan posisi ini selama sekitaran 10 detik.
Gerakan 2 :
Prinsip gerakannya mirip seperti Gerakan 1, tetapi menukar gerakan menahan perut setelah menghembuskan napas dengan menekan perut anda ke dalam dan ke luar secara cepat sebanyak 10 kali tanpa menarik napas. Setelah selesai kembali berdiri tegak dan bernapas secara normal.

6. Pose Crescent (Bulan Sabit)

Manfaat: Memperkuat otot perut, pinggul dan paha.

a. Berdiri dengan kaki berdekatan, lengan di sisi tubuh. Tarik napas dan angkat tangan ke atas kepala dengan ujung jari terbuka mengarah ke langit-langit.
b. Hembuskan napas dan bungkukkan badan anda dari pinggul, dan arahkan tangan ke lantai. Lutut menekuk sedikit.
c. Tarik napas di posisi ini, lalu kemudian hembuskan napas sambil mengarahkan kaki kanan ke belakang. Posisikan kaki kanan lurus memanjang dan bertumpu pada ujung jari kaki. Kaki kiri akan membentuk sudut 90 derajat, di mana lutut sejajar dengan mata kaki.
d. Tarik napas dan angkat tangan ke atas kepala, pandangan lurus ke depan. Tahan sejenak di posisi ini.
e. Kembali ke posisi berdiri dan ulangi gerakan di atas tetapi merubah kaki kiri yang memanjang ke belakang.

Crescent - Tahap Mahir
Tahap Mahir: Jika anda merasa gerakan ini kurang atau anda sudah merasa sanggup untuk meningkatkannya, tambahkan setelah gerakan akhir dengan menarik napas sambil mengarahkan badan ke belakang, sehingga pandangan anda menuju ke ujung jari tangan, serta dada, kepala dan lengan anda mendongak.

Tahap Pemula: Sebaliknya jika merasa terlalu sulit, anda bisa kurangi intensitas latihan dengan cara menyentuhkan lutut ke lantai saat menarik kaki kanan ke arah belakang dan menyandarkan kedua tangan di paha kiri.

7. Pose Willow

Manfaat :
 Asana ini berguna untuk memperkuat kedua sisi perut.

a. Berdiri dengan kaki bersentuhan dan tangan di kedua sisi badan. Letakkan tapak kaki kiri ke sisi dalam paha kanan, sehingga lutut membengkok.
b. Kedua tangan dekatkan sehingga bersentuhan dan tahan di posisi ini sampai 2 kali tarik-hembus napas.
c. Pada penarikan napas ketiga, rentangkan tangan ke atas, dan posisi tangan terbuka.
d. Hembuskan napas, dan kemudian tarik napas sambil membengkokkan badan ke sisi kiri.
e. Tarik napas dan luruskan kembali badan.
f. Ulangi langkah-langkah di atas sebanyak 3-5 kali repetisi. Ubah posisi kaki dan arah pembengkokan badan di setiap repetisi.

Tahap Pemula: Untuk memudahkan gerakan di tahap awal, gerakan bisa sedikit dirubah. Letakkan kaki di betis (bukan di paha) atau bisa juga sentuh ujung kaki di lantai untuk membantu penyeimbangan badan.

Tahap Mahir: Tutup mata saat melakukan gerakan ini, terutama di saat penyeimbangan badan dan pembengkokan badan.

8. Posisi Melayang

Manfaat :
 Berguna untuk menguatkan bahu, lengan, perut dan punggung.

Langkah-langkah :
a. Mulai dengan posisi push-up dengan kaki bertumpu pada ujung jari kaki, tangan berada di bawah bahu, dan badan lurus dari ujung kepala sampai ujung kaki.
b. Hembuskan napas sambil menurunkan dada ke arah lantai, sampai tangan berdekatan dengan tubuh dan terasa perut menegang. Tahan posisi ini beberapa cm dari lantai, jangan sampai menyentuh lantai. Tahap Mahir: Saat di posisi ‘melayang’ ini (saat anda merendahkan tubuh beberapa cm dari lantai), angkat kaki kiri sampai setinggi 3-5 cm, tahan posisi tersebut dan turunkan. Lakukan 3-5 kali dan ganti kaki.

9. Posisi Kursi

 Menguatkan otot bokong dan paha.

a. Berdiri dengan kaki berdekatan, tangan di sisi tubuh dan ujung kaki mengarah ke depan. Tarik napas dan angkat lengan ke depan, posisi tapak tangan berhadapan.
b. Hembuskan napas dan posisikan badan seperti orang duduk sampai membentuk sudut 45 derajat. Posisikan lutut sebisa mungkin berada di belakang ujung jari (jika ditarik garis vertical) dan kuatkan otot perut untuk menahan posisi ini serta arahkan pandangan lurus ke depan.
Tahap Pemula: Lakukan gerakan dengan kaki agak berjauhan (selebar pinggang) dan tangan bersandar pada paha, serta membentuk sudut posisi kursi 30 derajat.
Tahap Mahir: Dalam posisi duduk, angkat tumit sehingga keseimbangan tubuh bertumpu pada ujung jari (berarti lutut akan berada di depan ujung jari jika dilihat secara vertical). Pandangan arahkan ke ujung jari tangan.

10. Posisi Adho Mukha Svanasana (alias Downward Facing Dog; kalau terjemahan Indonesia bebasnya kira-kira ya 'Posisi Anjing Nungging' lah ya... hahaha)

 Meningkatkan kekuatan dan kelenturan otot bahu, serta otot paha dan betis.

a. Posisikan tangan memanjang ke depan lurus dengan bahu, sementara kaki direntangkan selebar pinggang (jangan terlalu lebar).
b. Angkat paha, sehingga ujung bokong terangkat ke atas dan pastikan tangan, kaki dan punggung lurus. Posisikan kepala sejajar dengan garis punggung dan tulang belakang.

Malah pakar yoga menyarankan asana ini sebagai alternatif pereda rasa sakit atau nyeri di sekitar bahu, asal sakit bahu tersebut tidak berat tentunya, karena kalau dipaksakan malah bisa menambah berat sakitnya.

Ke-10 pose alias yoga asana ini saya rangkum berdasarkan pengalaman para ahli, bahwasanya memang benar dapat melangsingkan perut dan menurunkan berat badan. Lakukan secara teratur 3 kali seminggu untuk memperoleh hasil yang anda idam-idamkan (kalau bisa setiap hari malah lebih mantap kan...?!!!).

Selalu ingat, jangan paksa tubuh dalam melaksanakan yoga, lakukan gerakan ringan dahulu jika merasa kesulitan dan secara perlahan lakukan dengan benar dan kemudian tambah tingkat kesulitannya.

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