The Black Tip AMWand is a new and more powerful version of the original AM Wand, Amega Global’s ground-breaking Amized Fusion Technology (AFT) energy product. The Black Tip Wand is now available for existing and enrolling Business Associates to buy, and in some countries for purchase by retail customers (see below for details).

Black Tip Am Wand

Unique Features:

  • In addition to a secret blend of 12 minerals which has been energized by Amega Global’s proprietary Amized Fusion Technology (AFT) process, theBlack Tip Wand contains diamond dust.
  • Diamond dust is a more resonant, highly conductive energetic amplifier which receives, activates, stores, transmits and regulates energy.
  • The AMWand Black Tip is approximately 30% more powerfull than the original AM Wand
  • It has a new look (a black tip and new logo) which distinguishes it from copy cat products based on the original AM Wand